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What Is The Best Post Workout Supplement

For the best post workout supplement, I avoid all pre-made products and strictly inform you exactly what I use and what actually gave me the very best results.

After a hard workout session, your body gets into what is known as a catabolic state wherein the glycogen is pretty much spent and the cortisol levels gets elevated. When this happens, your body is looking for a ready form of energy and turns to using protein as an energy source. This will then melt away your hard earned muscles.

The primary goal of using post-workout supplements is to stop this process from even starting. This is why it is advisable to take a supplement, usually as a shake, about 20 to 30 minutes before you expect your workout to be completed. This time allows it to be digested and be ready sources of energy when the body needs it the most.

There are some post-workout supplements that are pretty much ready to drink but I am a firm believer of post-workout supplements works better if I prepared it myself. That way I can control my portioning which means I can tweak it according to my preference and program.

Best After Workout Recovery Supplements

After all those pumping and pressing leaves your muscles torn and almost shredded. So it needs a good post workout supplement to not only replenish the lost energy during the workout but to aid in your muscles’ recovery.

The easiest and most common means of delivery for a post-workout supplement is by making a shake. Its quick digestion means quicker reaction for the body giving it an energy source that is both economical and flexible to your needs.

A lot of powdered post-workout supplements are very convenient to use because you can customize the dosage according to your preference. Here are the components that should be present in your post-workout supplement:

1. Whey Protein.
2. Creatine.
3. Dextrose.

A lot of people think that adding milk to their post-workout shake is a good idea since most whey protein products are sourced from dairy. But this is actually not the best thing to do since it just slows down the absorption process and that is not what you want to happen. You want to get a fast reacting and easily absorbed supplement.

Whey Protein

– 100 % Whey by Optimum Nutrition (Chocolate).

Whey ProteinThis is absolutely my most favorite protein. It mixes perfectly and has everything in it you’re searching for. I do not advise the cookies and cream taste, I always use chocolate.




 – Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder.

Creatine PowderIf you already have a Creatine Powder you can use that. But if you don’t I would suggest to use Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder. It mixes also really well and works perfectly. It is inexpensive at 4 dollars per 100 grams.




 – Now Foods Dextrose Powder.

Dextrose PowderVery little to say about it. Very affordable, at 3 dollars a pound you actually can not beat it.



Get your shaker cup, at first put a little water in it to prevent the gunky build up on the bottom. Add 40 grams of protein, 40 grams of dextrose and 7 grams of creatine. Now you have the best possible shake.


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